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If you are looking for JUST church then reevaluate! 

Church in the biblical days was created and designed to be so much more than just a meeting place to worship God. The bible says that the early church had ALL THINGS IN COMMON. Here at FLAME we are a community of believers on similar paths with different talents, gifts, desires, and potential. We have found in this place the opportunity to work together, support one another and worship together.

Our tight knit family, FLAMITES as we call ourselves have mastered the art of community and discipleship. Christianity is deeper than a religion, its a way of life, and a relationship. We strive at FLAME to present the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST in ways people have never experienced before. We understand that Christ walked the earth as a human and that he understands us and  loves us! 

Our motto simply put is Love God, Live God, and Give God! We incorporate this into every ministry moment. community moment and small group!

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